The billing of the rent a car will increase this year by 4%

Spanish women, the second most renting cars in Europe

In Spain, according to the car rental reservations made during 2016, 73.7% of the car rental market is men and the remaining 26.3% are women who, nevertheless, are the second most renting cars in Europe , Only surpassed by very little difference by the French and ahead of the German, Dutch and Italian.

This is shown by the study by Happycar, an international comparator of car rental prices, which indicates a tendency for the difference between male and female customers to be shortened, since there has been a two percentage point increase in the percentage of Women renting rental cars in the last year compared to 2015 when it rose to 24.61%.

On the other hand, the analysis has revealed that the percentage of women who rent a vehicle in Spain increases to 34% in the group between 25 and 34 years of age, that is, 10 points above that in the general calculation . By contrast, as the age increases, the percentage of women who hire cars decreases: between 35 and 44 years, they represent 25.1% of the market; Between 45 and 54 years, only 23.48%; Between 55 and 64 years, 19.58%; And among those over 65, 10.41%.

In terms of spending, regardless of age and percentage, in 2016 women spent an average of 131.03 €, compared to 134.85 € for men. By day of reserve, his spending was also slightly lower: € 28.56 women and € 28.92 men.

Second place in Europe

Taking a comparison with the consumption habits of vehicle rental in the five main European markets – Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain – the latter is the second highest percentage of users.

Only for a few tenths France is the largest share of women renting cars, with 26.78% of total customers. Spain, with 26.30% of female clients, is placed in second position ahead of Germany, with 24.9% of female clients on the tortal; Netherlands with 24.75% of Dutch; And Italy, with 24.22% of women in the total car rental market.

Source: Hosteltur

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